YFI Banteg Immortalized in Token Fighter Hall of Fame

“Without Banteg, Yearn Finance will never be as successful as it is today.” — Anonymous. Artem (aka Banteg) is largely acknowledged for his role at Yearn Finance as the lead developer and his massive contribution to the $YFI codebase. Having spent numerous bittersweet nights and long hours scrutinizing every single line of code, Banteg epitomizes the spirit of DeFi with his work ethic and forever passion to contribute to the larger community.

Token Fighter is bringing another surprise to the larger Yearn Finance community with the now playable Banteg Fighter. As long as users have any balance of $YFI inside their wallet, they will be able to play and try out Banteg’s Yearn Blast! It’s a significant collaboration between Yearn Finance and Token Fighter as the two communities join forces to commemorate the role of Banteg at Yearn Finance. Check here for Banteg Fighter’s move list.

Once again, we express sincere gratitude for the patience that the community has given us, and we shall continuously strive to surpass all expectations and make Token Fighter a success amongst all Blockchain Games. Lastly, please do remember that Banteg will not be associated with any rarity level nor mining power since collection with Bytes is not required.

About Token Fighter

Token Fighter is a P2P crypto-economic DeFi game. Token Fighter and its affiliated digital products are wholly owned and operated by CI Ltd, a Republic of Seychelles incorporated entity or its relevant authorized affiliates.

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