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Incredibly honored to present to the crypto community our soft launch of Token Fighter. This multi-player NFT (Non-Fungible Token) collectible game combines DeFi-staking mechanism to align further token holder’s participation in sustaining the future of Token Fighter’s token economy and governance.

We want to emphasize that there will be no token sale, no Uniswap listing, no liquidity mining, no yield farming, and no staking in any form for the first initial release. This soft launch focuses on familiarizing players with the UIUX as they immerse themselves in the game’s first version.

So what’s available? Users will be able to claim their Bytes rewards to start collecting NFT characters beginning this week while they familiarize themselves with gameplay. Drastically contrasting popular game’s freemium model today, we’d like to encourage everyone to get used to paying gas fees to claim their Bytes rewards and collect NFTs to play.

Pay-Gas-to-Play (PG2P)

Considering the fluctuating gas prices on, perhaps due to the feverish transactions occurring across the DeFi space, the very act of PG2P can help reinforce a foundational price floor of all Fighter NFTs collected and conditions players to take precise actions when interacting with the protocol.

To participate, users need to use a wallet that supports ERC-721 NFT standard. We highly recommend using Metamask Wallet as well as any of the Wallet Connect ERC-721 supported wallets. Remember always to verify on-chain transactions with Etherscan; occasionally, pending transactions may clog incoming transactions, so be sure to review this video to learn how to fix stuck transactions.

Bytes: a non-transferable virtual currency used to collect NFTs

Token Fighter Claim Bytes Reward

In celebration of Token Fighter’s soft launch, we will be giving away 100 Bytes daily to all players until the end of November.

As the header suggests, Bytes are a non-transferable virtual currency used to collect Fighter NFTs. Note that Bytes can never be transferred, sold, nor bought as they can only purchase in-game items.

All transactions will be recorded and reviewable on Etherscan for verification purposes, including the total amount of Bytes claimed and used. Once spent, Bytes will be out of circulation forever.

Please remember that players can never transfer Bytes to other players nor purchase Bytes anywhere. Fighter NFTs can also never be sold back for Bytes, but one-time use only.

Rarity Level

Fighter NFTs have eight rarity levels, and each is associated with their mining power ranking.

Token Fighter rarity level and mining power

There will be more Fighter NFTs released in the coming weeks, and exciting cross-promotional efforts with other reputable NFT enabled games.

Since there is no Liquidity nor NFT mining for this current game version, mining power is not relevant now but useful for a reference regarding what’s about to come.

Hopefully, the above information can give Token Fighter collectors a preliminary understanding of each NFTs prospective utility and market value.

Fighter NFT Secondary Market

Since players are free to trade, buy, or sell their Fighter NFTs upon Bytes’ successful expenditure, we expect players to list their NFTs on in the coming days.

Price gouging of Fighter NFTs is greatly discouraged, considering that staking mechanics have not been implemented.

We ask all players and collectors to proceed in Fighter NFT secondary market with extreme caution. It is best to exercise patience and wait until token economics is released.

User Adoption Strategy

The success of Token Fighter is much dependent on user adoption, and we believe that liquidity and NFT mining (i.e., distribution of governance tokens) can become an important tactic to acquire new gamers and collectors on board. However, we will not be launching any form of staking mechanics until token distribution and smart contract audits are completed.

Nevertheless, our team will engage in a multifaceted approach to create more value for Token Fighter gamers and collectors alike. We must embrace community feedback and adopt an ecosystem strategy to further a sustainable token economy and coordinate a gradual transition to decentralized governance.

When is the official token sale happening?

Regarding raising capital, we’re very hesitant about outreaching to VCs as it will drastically delay the roadmap to reach fully-decentralized, community-led governance. Nevertheless, we will be conducting a token distribution event sometime after the US Presidential Election, in which experts believe that the macro markets shall reach tentative stability.

About Token Fighter

Token Fighter is a P2P crypto-economic DeFi game. Token Fighter and it’s affiliated digital products are wholly owned and operated by CI Ltd, a Republic of Seychelles incorporated entity or its relevant authorized affiliates.

For more information please join the community on Telegram, Twitter, and Discord.



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