Token Fighter: How To Play Like A Pro 🎮

It’s been less than 48 hours since Token Fighter’s soft launch, and we’ve received incredible traction, leaving us with no choice but to upgrade our servers to accommodate all players. To recap some statistics, we already have 9 million Bytes claimed and 5 million Bytes used, while there are currently 267 Fighter NFTs listed on OpenSea and 7 CZ Hoody NFTs sold! Wow! Thank you, Fighters, for making this soft launch a success! We’re incredibly humbled and inspired to create more value for the community!

After fixing some minor bugs and collecting community feedback, we decided to compile all frequently asked questions and put forth this Token Fighter How-To Guide to clarify further the mechanics of everything a gamer or collector should know. In this post, we will be covering how to unlock the wallet, claim Bytes, collect Fighter NFT, adjust control settings, start and play Token Fighter, and finally buy/sell/list your NFT on OpenSea.

Unlock Wallet

Token Fighter currently supports Metamask and Wallet Connect — a wallet aggregator that supports Argent,, KyberSwap, imToken, Math, MYKEY, Nash, Pillar, Rainbow, TokenPocket, and Trust Wallet — for users to log in to the interface. Since the majority uses Metamask, we shall focus on the demonstration below for the most common wallet.

token fighter login display

To begin, please remember to have Metamask or any of the mentioned wallets installed and make sure you have a bit of Ether (ETH) to pay the gas fee for transactions.

Check if your wallet is linked to the Main Ethereum Network with the Green Light on the left, indicating that it has been successfully connected to the Token Fighter website.

Bonus: if you are stuck with other wallets but still want to participate, then you may want to consider importing your wallet private key into Metamask.

Claim Bytes

Navigate to the top center of the website and click on “Collect” and you will be shown a dashboard for you to claim Bytes — a non-transferable virtual currency used to collect NFTs.

Sign-In Bytes Reward: Existing or new users alike will be able to get 100 Bytes daily as long as they claim them on time, and upon every successful claim, the timer will reset itself on a 24-hour countdown for users to claim their daily 100 Bytes reward again. Please note that Bytes will not accumulate itself, they have to be claimed per time.

When your wallet connects correctly, you shall see your unclaimed Bytes balance to remind you to claim. While the timer below reminds you of the next claim opportunity, the Total Bytes used and claimed shown below indicate the entire network’s participation in Token Fighter. In the coming weeks, we will be releasing a Bytes leaderboard that lists the top 100 wallets, so collectors can be fully aware of their competition and when to make bold decisions.

Collect Fighter

In our first post, we’ve emphasized our stance on Pay-Gas-to-Play (PG2P) though many have raised concerns about the rising Ethereum network gas fee. Though we have spent much time optimizing our contracts, the amount of transaction fee required to collect a Fighter NFT has stirred some tension lately. However, the very act of paying gas to collect helps establish a price floor across all Fighter ERC-721 NFTs. Moreover, we are actively exploring blockchain interoperability and incentivized cross-chain campaigns to expand the Token Fighter Universe.

The future of Token Fighter ERC-720 NFT is very bright; not only will each NFT be able to record its win-loss stats, but also fighters are ranked into eight rarity levels with associated mining power.

Token Fighter Rarity and Mining Power Breakdown

Note: after the token distribution event and successful audits of staking contracts, liquidity and NFT mining shall start. Players will be able to mine governance tokens (TK) while using their Fighters in-game — earn while you play!

Press Play

mobile version of token fighter

For mobile devices, click on the navigation bar and press Play or click on Game Start on the home screen. If you have not claimed an NFT, you will be prompted to get one; otherwise, you cannot access the game. Considering that if you have a Fighter NFT inside your mobile wallet, you can skip the need to adjust control settings because the control buttons will be on the touchpad, and play!

For laptop/desktop devices, you will need to adjust your Control Settings and map the hotkeys to your convenience. Occasionally you may need to double click or clear cache for the keys to be correctly linked. Of course, you can also map the hotkeys to your preferred game controllers. Once you’re done mapping, you are ready to play!

We’re currently working on Token Fighter P2P network game. Soon, players will be able to connect to battle with one another.

Character Move List

Our mission is to jumpstart the first-ever NFT eSports competition, and we are super excited to explore a lot of creative ideas and further expand the Token Fighter ecosystem with the community. Nevertheless, we much encourage players to learn about their character move list here:


Each NFT will soon be able to carry their win-loss stats in the form of the metadata, which will quickly help differentiate each Fighter NFT’s battle history from one another, giving them deep emotional and symbolic value to be appreciated over time.

Using OpenSea to Trade and Transfer

OpenSea is a popular NFT marketplace that allows users to list, sell, and buy their Fighter NFT (TKFR). Transferring individual characters can get quite tricky, but OpenSea makes it easy for anyone to do it.

Concluding Remarks

The Token Fighter Team would like to thank everyone for supporting the vision thus far, and we will continue to strive to improve upon the game itself. We shall engage in a multifaceted approach to create more value for Token Fighter gamers and collectors while embracing community feedback and adopting an ecosystem strategy to further a sustainable token economy and coordinate a gradual transition to decentralized governance.

When is the official token sale happening?

Regarding raising capital, we’re very hesitant about outreaching to VCs as it will drastically delay the roadmap to reach fully-decentralized, community-led governance. Nevertheless, we will be conducting a token distribution event sometime after the US Presidential Election, in which experts believe that the macro markets shall reach tentative stability.

About Token Fighter

Token Fighter is a P2P crypto-economic DeFi game. Token Fighter and its affiliated digital products are wholly owned and operated by CI Ltd, a Republic of Seychelles incorporated entity or its relevant authorized affiliates.

For more information please join the community on Telegram, Twitter, and Discord.



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