Miss Bitcoin’s Special Limited Edition Token Fighter Collection (Ends on Jan 11 UTC 11:11 )

For most of you reading these lines, the name Mai Fujimoto might not mean much, but the nickname Miss Bitcoin will definitely ring a familiar bell. As one of the earliest proponents of Bitcoin and digital currencies as a whole, Miss Bitcoin is one of those people who have shaped the crypto industry into what it is today.

With her relentless pursuit of progress, coupled with an everlasting hunger for knowledge, Miss Bitcoin’s work has been nothing short of astounding. She has been involved in the crypto industry since 2011 and has founded the blockchain and cryptocurrency consultancy agency Gracone in 2014. As a huge friend to the media, she has been tirelessly helping the general public understand the importance and the strength of cryptocurrencies through her countless media appearances.

Furthermore, she is the founder of the crypto donation platform KIZUNA. She has helped BINANCE Charity Foundation as an ambassador and an advisor to multiple companies, including Japanese listed companies.GMO Internet, BitPoint, Fintertech, double jump Tokyo, AnimocaBrands, Anique, withB, Famiee, and neukind.

Today, we are honoring her continuing success and all the hard work she’s put in throughout the years. As a way of expressing our gratitude, we have decided to immortalize Miss Bitcoin in our playable NFT game — Token Fighter.

On January 11th, we will hold an auction for our Super Limited Edition Smart Collectible — Miss Bitcoin. This incredibly rare NFT will be sold to the top five bidders on OpenSea. Those that manage to acquire this non-fungible token will be able to play it in our blockchain-based fighter game. Harness the power of Bitcoin to cut through the wind and triumph over your enemies, the way Bitcoin beating the odds of all naysayers since 2009.

Token Fighter is a P2P crypto-economic DeFi fighter game. It was released in late October 2020 through a soft launch. In it, players can collect, buy, trade — and fight! — various fighters, most of which are an homage to the crypto-sphere: Arthur Hayes, CZ, Hoody, Banteg, Memeboi, and now — Miss Bitcoin. Different fighters have different skills, allowing players to develop unique battle styles and dominate with skill-based gaming.

For Miss Bitcoin, we’ve prepared a distinctive set of skills. Click here to learn more.

Important Auction Details

The auction is live now on the OpenSea Marketplace and will conclude on January 11, at 11:11 UTC. A total of 10 Miss Bitcoin NFTs will be issued, with just five sold to the highest bidders. Remember to click “Make Offer” and submit a competitive price to secure your chance to own this NFT piece.

Buying the NFT not only allows you to use it for gameplay but also to participate in permission groups of exclusive access. While we’re not yet in the position to share more details on this exciting opportunity, be sure it’s a major added value.

Without people like Miss Bitcoin, there is no telling what the crypto sphere would look like. It’s an honor and a pleasure to have such an amazing individual among us and we hope that you will enjoy seeing, using, and sharing this NFT as much as we’ve enjoyed building it and sharing it with the community.

Let the games begin!

About Token Fighter

Token Fighter is a P2P crypto-economic DeFi game. Token Fighter and its affiliated digital products are wholly owned and operated by CI Ltd, a Republic of Seychelles incorporated entity or its relevant authorized affiliates.

For more information please join the community on Telegram, Twitter, and Discord. Also, remember to give us a few Claps 👏 and follow us on Medium.



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