ETH-MEN and Token Fighter
ETH-MEN and Token Fighter

Zieg He… wait, no.

This is a different kind of Zieg, the kind you will enjoy owning and enjoy using to pound your virtual adversaries into the ground. Ladies and gentlemen, we are extremely proud to announce our new collaboration with ETH-MEN! Owners of the Unpacked 3D Figure will be able to play Lord Zieg in our PVP game Token Fighter!

Some of you may be familiar with ETH-MEN, digital action figures and comics found on the Ethereum blockchain and running 100 percent on IPFS. Those who hold any of the ETH-MEN Unpacked 3D NFT digital figures are now eligible…

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Submit your bid to win the chance to own this Smart Collectible

For most of you reading these lines, the name Mai Fujimoto might not mean much, but the nickname Miss Bitcoin will definitely ring a familiar bell. As one of the earliest proponents of Bitcoin and digital currencies as a whole, Miss Bitcoin is one of those people who have shaped the crypto industry into what it is today.

With her relentless pursuit of progress, coupled with an everlasting hunger for knowledge, Miss Bitcoin’s work has been nothing short of astounding. She has been involved in the crypto industry since 2011 and has founded the blockchain and cryptocurrency consultancy agency Gracone…

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Banteg — A Free to Play Hero on Token Fighter

“Without Banteg, Yearn Finance will never be as successful as it is today.” — Anonymous. Artem (aka Banteg) is largely acknowledged for his role at Yearn Finance as the lead developer and his massive contribution to the $YFI codebase. Having spent numerous bittersweet nights and long hours scrutinizing every single line of code, Banteg epitomizes the spirit of DeFi with his work ethic and forever passion to contribute to the larger community.

Token Fighter is bringing another surprise to the larger Yearn Finance community with the now playable Banteg Fighter. As long as users have any balance of $YFI…

Ethereum on Token Fighter. Play with Ether
Ethereum on Token Fighter. Play with Ether
Ether — The First Free to Play Hero on Token Fighter

Token Fighter is proud to announce its first Free-to-Play (F2P) fighter — Ether. You can now play with Ether as long as you have any balance of ETH inside your wallet.

Click here for the highest resolution.

This is an important milestone achieved as we believe Ether will open the doors to greater adoption and let all new users onboard get a trial experience before they decide whether they should commit to spending gas fees and collecting precious Token Fighter NFTs.

From this day onwards, you will be able to easily refer friends to play Token Fighter and as Network…

Dont Buy Meme and Token Fighter Cross Promotion
Dont Buy Meme and Token Fighter Cross Promotion
Ready to play Memeboi on Token Fighter?

Dontbuymeme and Token Fighter are teaming up to bring Memeboi to life! Holders of Meme Grail Relic NFT can now play and fight with their favorite Pineapple Hero!

What is Meme?

Meme is an experimental protocol mashing up some of the most exciting innovations in DeFi and crypto collectibles. Meme enables you to stake tokens to farm limited editions NFTs, bringing accessible DeFi to the community.

Farm and Collect Meme Grail Relic NFT

Click to learn Memeboi’s move list and pineapple punch!

Special Collaboration: Token Fighter x Dontbuymeme x Epic NFT Airdrop

Token Fighter is excited to announce that holders of Meme Grail Relic (MGR) can now play Memeboi against other Token Fighter…

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Make sure to map your hotkeys before you play

It’s been less than 48 hours since Token Fighter’s soft launch, and we’ve received incredible traction, leaving us with no choice but to upgrade our servers to accommodate all players. To recap some statistics, we already have 9 million Bytes claimed and 5 million Bytes used, while there are currently 267 Fighter NFTs listed on OpenSea and 7 CZ Hoody NFTs sold! Wow! Thank you, Fighters, for making this soft launch a success! We’re incredibly humbled and inspired to create more value for the community!

After fixing some minor bugs and collecting community feedback, we decided to compile all frequently…

Token Fighter Website Login
Token Fighter Website Login
login interface of

Incredibly honored to present to the crypto community our soft launch of Token Fighter. This multi-player NFT (Non-Fungible Token) collectible game combines DeFi-staking mechanism to align further token holder’s participation in sustaining the future of Token Fighter’s token economy and governance.

We want to emphasize that there will be no token sale, no Uniswap listing, no liquidity mining, no yield farming, and no staking in any form for the first initial release. This soft launch focuses on familiarizing players with the UIUX as they immerse themselves in the game’s first version.

So what’s available? Users will be able to claim…

Token Fighter

Collect playable DeFi-staked NFTs and battle online with Token Fighter.

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